Bondbazaar is Your Marketplace for the Universe of Bonds.


We have combined our experience and leveraged innovation to create a trading platform that is Easy, Efficient and Ethical. Giving access to both retail and corporate consumers.


We believe that Bonds are a responsible investment option for universal prosperity. It fosters growth in the economy by harnessing the power of the growing retail investor.


It fosters growth and prosperity of the Individual by helping to build a strong foundation or a store of wealth that provides the security in the form of a fixed and predictable income, that beats inflation & helps further growth.


Bondbazaar is founded by a team who has decades of experience in the bond market with a vision to create a Knowledge Based Tech Platform for Financial Savings & Trading in the Fixed Income Market.


The mission is to Empower every individual to Diversify their Investments and Enhance their Returns to achieve Financial Independence through Trading & Investments in the Fixed Income Market.