Who can be an Authorised Person?


  • Anyone who would like to connect with people by offering them a superior investment platform.
  • Any person interested in earning an additional income can be an Authorised person with us.

What is the investment for an Authorised Person?

Become an Authorised Person with Zero Investment - Zero Entry Cost, Zero Exit Cost.
Your time invested is most valuable for Bondbazaar.

What’s in store for an Authorised Person?

Active income for onboarding every customer.

Passive income for every trade or investment made by the customer.

What is expected from an Authorised Person?

Guide your customers for less than 5 minutes to complete their KYC on the platform, beyond that point trading and investments are simple and easy for the customers to carry out online. Your role is that of a guide to the platform.

Who can be an Authorised Person’s customer?

Anybody interested in Savings & Investments can be a Bondbazaar customer.

Ideal customers are people looking to grow the returns they get from their investments in Savings, Fixed Deposits or Debt Mutual Funds. Any residing Indian citizen, from anywhere in India can be an Authorised Person’s customer.

What's in store for the customer?

Customers can improve the returns they get from their savings and investments by shifting to Bonds.

Zero Entry Cost, Zero Brokerage, and Zero Exit Cost for the customer makes it easier for them to try a new medium of investing & trading.