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Everything you need to know about bondbazaar

Are your investments heavily reliant on the equity market and its movement?

Are you glued to the ticker through your work-hours, family time and in your commute?

Are all your eggs in baskets that you think will always win for you?

You must have a little gold, real estate, crypto even – but have you truly diversified unless you have invested in the Debt segment?

At the peak of the chaos caused by the pandemic, a handful of money market professionals came to the realisation that all these questions end in a very scary answer – and that is that the retail investor is either stuck in an ignorance loop where their money lies dormant in bank accounts or sluggish in deposit schemes OR they are losing their hard-earned money to the lures of the high-stakes-high-rewards equity or crypto markets. With new regulations taking away some of the better tax-benefits that mutual funds gave us, the average investor is left with very few growth avenues with a higher level of safety.

The founders of bondbazaar came together with the quest to put together the bonds offering in a way that a vertically integrated ecosystem can be built, where technology kills friction and a phygital experience ensures that the investor gets best prices, best rates and a familiar experience that can help them dive straight into the world of bonds-trading.

“The People Behind The Innovation Engine”

  • Suresh Darak

    Suresh Darak

    Founder & Director

  • Jyotheesh Kumar

    Jyotheesh Kumar

    Chief Technology / Marketing Officer

  • Bhavin Jain

    Bhavin Jain

    Executive Director

  • Shashank Verma

    Shashank Verma

    Executive VP

  • Amit Jain

    Amit Jain

    Associate Director

  • Jay Maniar

    Jay Maniar

    Executive VP

“Where we come from, where we want to go – our values have always and will always guided us.”                  

Bondbazaar's founders strongly believe that retail consumers need access to an instrument that gives them a perfect balance of returns & risk without making big sacrifices, Thus  bondbazaar was born. 

One of the best financial instrument to make this happen remained difficult for investors to access and make use of – Bonds.

They have traditionally been inaccessible to the masses because: Availability, liquidity, price transparency, entry barriers, lack of digital infrastructure, etc... 

Bondbazaar has confidently removed those barriers by focusing on values that puts the investors needs at the heart of our engine.

We march onwards in our journey of consumer-centricity and all our values aligned to it.


By simplifying bonds, Bondbazaar intends to let anybody invest in bonds with peace of mind.


By automating almost 100 touchpoints – The bond investment and trading journey is now as familiar as Equities.


We take fiduciary responsibility very seriously – enabling the highest levels of transparency and trust.


We empathize with the concerns of our users, understanding the emotional and financial stakes involved in investment decisions.


We strive to bridge the knowledge gap, providing education and assistance to those who may not be familiar with the benefits of bond investments.