Now get more time for a free look at the features of your insurance policy

Many of us buy insurance policies either under the pressure of a deadline, due to mis-selling, to oblige a “friend”.

Of course, many also buy after due diligence.


Nevertheless, the regulator of the insurance sector – the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) – has proposed to bring in features that will help us overcome the “Oh No” feeling after buying an insurance policy, if it does not meet our purpose.


The IRDAI has rolled out a draft called 'Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Protection of Policyholders' Interests and Allied Matters of Insurers) Regulations, 2024', which is a fancy way of saying they're making insurance friendlier and more transparent for folks like you and me.


Key Proposals You Should Know About


In this draft, the IRDAI isn't just tweaking the edges; they're overhauling the system.


They are talking about giving you a whole month to mull over your insurance policy, making sure you get your premium back without making multiple calls to your agent or the insurance office, and ensuring your policy comes to you in a format that’s easy to understand.


What These Changes Mean for You


More Time to Think: The Free Look Period


Remember how you only had 15 days to decide if your new insurance policy was a keeper?


Well, the IRDAI says that's not enough. They are proposing a leisurely 30 days for you to peruse, ponder, and understand your policy.


It's like taking a new car for a longer test drive—making sure it really fits your life before you commit.


The Digital Leap


Gone are the days when your policy document was a piece of paper that got lost the moment you put it down.


The IRDAI wants to make sure your policy is as mobile as you are, proposing that all policies be available in digital form.


Whether you are on a train, at a café, or in your living room, your insurance policy will be right there with you, on your favourite device.


Enhanced Protections


The draft isn't just proposing more convenience; it's about making sure you are protected.


By streamlining nominations and refunds, the IRDAI is putting the power back in your hands.


No more bureaucratic nightmares when you need to make a claim or get your money back.


It's about ensuring that the insurance world is built around your needs, not the other way around.



Building Trust


These changes aren't just about making life easier today; they're about building a foundation of trust for tomorrow.


By addressing the complexities and challenges of insurance head-on, the IRDAI is fostering a relationship between insurers and policyholders that's based on transparency and understanding.


Empowering Policyholders


With more time to review policies and easier access to information, you are in control.


It is all about making choices that align perfectly with what you need, how you live, and where you see yourself in the future.


The regulator has proposed norms for distance selling of insurance policies and requires sellers on technology platforms to adhere to data protection and cyber security laws.


While there are many proposals that are aimed at making it easy for policyholders, the most important is the one pertaining to the free look period.


The IRDAI has proposed that if a policyholder disagrees with any of the policy terms, the holder can return the policy for cancellation with only a proportionate deduction of the risk premium, stamp duty charges and medical expenses involved.


In the case of a unit-linked policy, the insurer will have to repurchase the units at the price on the date of the cancellation.


A New Era for Policyholders


The IRDAI's draft regulations are more than just adjustments; they are set to change how insurance is sold and purchased.


This is a future where understanding your policy isn't tough, where making changes doesn't require too much effort, and where you feel genuinely protected by your insurance.


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